Community Outreach

Masons Stay Active in Community, Church, and School

Freemasons meet regularly at their established Lodge (the local organization of Freemasony) for the transaction of business, for fellowship, and for the discussion of matters of Masonic interest. Since Masons are pledged to fulfill the demands of good citizenship, each Lodge works to maintain a vibrant, respected, and active role in community life. Lodges also work to forge alliances within the community designed to help the general public while developing the character of Masons.

Community Programs include:

Special Focus on Education

Freemasons started some of the first public schools in both Europe and America. We supported legislation to make education universal. In the 1800s, Masons lobbied for the establishment of state-supported education and federal land-grant colleges. In fact, in 1817 the Zion Lodge in Detroit helped to provide funding for the newly created University of Michigan.

Today, Masons give millions of dollars in scholarships each year. We encourage our members to give volunteer time to their local schools, buy classroom supplies for teachers, help with literacy programs, and do everything they can to help ensure that each person - adult or child - has the best educational opportunities possible.

Masons and kindness.