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Planning a gift to the Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation or your Lodge Charity Account is a beautiful way to leave a legacy. Whether giving through personal bequest (i.e. will or trust), designating the organization as a beneficiary or setting up a charitable remainder trust, we have multiple options available for you to easily plan your gift.

How do you want to leave a legacy?

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Gifts In Wills

A will is an easy and popular way to ensure your charitable legacy has an impact. Direct the portion of your estate or assets you wish to give.

Charitable Gift Annuities

Setting up a charitable gift annuity will help support the critical programs of Michigan Masons and provide you with a lifetime stream of income.

For Professional Advisors

We appreciate the work that professional legal and financial advisors do to ensure their clients receive the best care and support.

IRA Gifts

You can make a gift to the Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation directly from your IRA and take advantage of potential tax benefits.

Donor Advised

If you want to secure a charitable deduction now but designate beneficiaries later, a donor advised fund may work for you.

Report A Bequest You've Made

If you’ve left a gift to Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation in your estate plan, you can use this tool to let us know.

Stock Gifts

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Plan Your

You can name us as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy or retirement plans. Its as simple as filling out a form from your insurer or financial advisor.

Michgan Masonic Legacy Society

The society, created in 2000, welcomes all Brothers, sisters, and friends of Masonry to participate.

Make a Gift Today

To support these programs and other Masonic initiatives, please consider donating to the Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation today.

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