Philosophy and Beliefs

Masons Believe in Courage, Kindness, and Generosity

We've watched the centuries pass, wars fought, diseases cured, countries founded and destroyed. While the world has continued to evolve, the principal foundations of what Masons believe in have not wavered.

We believe in . . .

  • Kindness in the home
  • Honesty in business
  • Courtesy in society
  • Fairness and dependability in work
  • Compassion and support for the weak and less fortunate
  • Brotherly love and respect for one another
  • Devotion to a Supreme Being

While Masonry is an ancient organization that has impacted the world in so many positive ways, it's not for everyone. That is part of what makes us unique in the world today. Words like honor, virtue, and integrity describe how we choose to live our lives.

Masons and kindness.